Give Them Hope, Inc was established in 2010.  It was registered and certificated as a non-profit organization on January 19, 2010. Give Them Hope, Inc is a registered charity and non-profit organization. Give Them Hope, Inc. provides an enabling environments and opportunities in education, economic empowerment, skills for jobs training for vulnerable girls, local FM radio health education and awareness, women, health and maternal and reproductive health awareness and agricultural training and services to very vulnerable kids, girls, women, youth, access to education for vulnerable kids and orphans, and proposed continuing education in rural Liberia.

Our Objectives

  • To improve the social and economic lives of vulnerable girls,, women and kids
  • To improve health education and awareness
  • To strengthen the economic empowerment of women and girls
  • To improve early childhood education /provide access to education for vulnerable kids and girls
  • To improve and build the income generation of women, girls and youth through skills development and entrepreneurship
  • To improve agriculture and food sufficiency and reduce poverty and hunger
  • To create an enabling environment where the educational, medical, economic, political, social values and rights of women, girls and children can be improved and protected.
  • Improve human rights, rights of kids, girls and women
  • To carry out activities that will sustain peace, reconciliation, round table discussion, dialogue, and stability in the land with girls and women in the lead
  • To provide secondary and higher educational opportunities for the working adult class and teachers at nursery educational levels
  • Provide safe drinking water for rural communities

The Target

Give Them Hope, Inc. works among very vulnerable women, girls, children in communities in Central and Northern rural Liberia.

Mothers are essential to the progress of any initiatives or developments. Mothers/Women carry the burden of the home, and give a continuous sense of hope and aspiration.